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9th-10th December 2022

An evening of mischievous melodramas, silly sketches, melodic music and a sumptuous supper. For two nights we put on a pleather of entertainment including:

A selection of songs on Piano by John Crinson

"The Black Widow" A Melodrama by Helen E. Sharman

A selection of songs sung by B-G

"The Runaway Perambulator" A Melodrama by Jim Sperinck

"Telling The Time" A sketch by Adrian Livsey

"All Quiet On The Christmas Front" A sketch by Les Ellison

"The Twelve Days Of Christmas" A sing-along sketch for all



MC - Pete Marsden

Players - Adam Ebbage, Adrian Livsey, Alannah Harris, Clare Day, Clare Laverick, Frances Lanham, Jo Truman-Boal, Joe Saffer, Jools Ford, Kate Bonson, Nicky Allis, Pauline Russell, Pete Marsden, Phil Bonson, Tim Griffey, Tony Saffer

Musicians - B-G, John Crinson, Jools Ford

Director: David Boal

Assistant Director: Clare Laverick

Stage Management: Bill Briody, Joe Saffer

Set: Robin Russell, Bill Briody, David Boal

Props: Ron Wood

Wardrobe: Helen Higgins, Phoebe Higgins

Catering Manager: Maggie Cornock-Ireland

Sound Effects - Tony Saffer

Lighting - David Boal

Prompt Nicky Allis

Producer - Pete Marsden

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