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7th - 9th December 2023


(in order of appearance)

Scrooge 1 - Peter O'Callaghan

Scrooge 2 - Phil Bonson

Scrooge 3 - Pete Marsden

Marley/Boy/Peter Cratchit/Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come - Adrian Livsey

Bob Cratchit/Isabella/Boy - Karen Atkinson

Mrs Lack/Fezziwigger/George/ Ghost Of Christmas Present - Kate Bonson

Fred/Mr Grimes/Mr Fezziwig/Georgie Cratchit - Tim Griffey

Lavina Bentham/Boy/Fran/Fezziwigger/Constance/Katie Cratchit/Mother - Frances Lanham

Hermione Bentham/Boy/Mrs Grimes/Fezziwigger/Mrs Cratchit/Passer-By/Maid - Clare Day

Tiny Tim - Connie Hall-Say

Ghost Of Christmas Past - Polly Hardy-Stewart

Members of Chapel Cross Choir:

Sandra Adams

Nicky Allis

Moira Barker

Philippa Biddlecombe

Susan Boyce

Jane Crozier

Susie Dugdale

Avril Looseley

Jenny Maddern

Jay Smith

Gill Stent

David Terry

Pella Tromans

Keyboard - Mark Tromans

(Not all members of the choir will be performing at each performance

Production Team:

Director - Adam Ebbage

Stage Manager - Robin Russell

Stage Crew - Robin Russell, Bill Briody, Joe Saffer

Props - Ron Wood

Lighting - Andy White

Sound - Tony Saffer

Prompt - Nicky Allis

Publicity - Adam Ebbage

Wardrobe - Daniela Herrman, Sue Turner, Nicky Allis

Dresser - Liz Hall-Say

Set/Scenery - Robin Russell, Bill Briody, Jenny Maddern, Tony Saffer, Sue Gettings, Gaynor Brennon, Maddie Forman, Daniela Herrman, Pete Marsden, Adam Ebbage

Special Effects - Robin Russell

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