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14th June 2014

A Murder Mystery set in the village of Little Slaughter. In the local pub preparations for the Summer Solistace Sacrifice Saturday are underway. Secrets and gossip are a buzz in The Butchered Fox as the couple are picked for the rehearsal sacrifice, the local lady's man Jack T Lad and the newly married adopted daughter of Lord Fitz Tightly, Penelope. As the rehearsal of the ritual takes place the fake knives are switched and a double murder takes place. Who switched the knives and are the chosen pair the actual victims?


Constable Curtain - Annie Craggs

Doctor Sortem - Adam Ebbage

Barbara - Clare Laverick

Nigel Nerdman - Will Rogerson

Alfreda - Hannah Taylor

Jack T Lad - Tim Griffey

Jill T Lass - Bobbie Hanaway

Alice Bestfriend - Jane Reeves

Simon Simpleton - Bathsheba Barrington-Jones

Reverend Rimpton - Jenni Rogerson

Mavis - Geraldine Sweeney

Penelope - Rebecca Morris

Tarquin Ponsonby Pugh - Adam Ebbage

Lord Fitz Tightly - Daryl Barker

Lady Fitz Tightly - Pella Tromans

Director: Steve Craggs

Stage Manager: Robin Russell

Set Design: Will Rogerson, Robin Russell, Geraldine Sweeney

Catering Manager: Debbie Candy

Chef: Simon Barrington-Jones

Costumes: Debbie Candy

2014 midsummer murder DrReh   (8).jpg
2014 midsummer murder DrReh   (10).jpg
2014 midsummer murder DrReh   (11).jpg
2014 midsummer murder DrReh   (13).jpg
2014 midsummer murder hall ready.jpg
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