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24th-26th January 2013

Based on the famous nursery rhyme; Georgie Porgie is put under a curse by the evil witch Wartina meaning that every time he sees a girl he has to kiss her. With his friends, mother and friendly cat Claudia, they must find a way to break the curse and defeat Wartina.


Georgie Porgie - Adam Ebbage

Prunella Porgie - Steve Craggs

Billy Bracket - Clare Laverick

Suzie Spud - Bobbie Hanaway

PC Wurld - Tim Griffey

Jenny - Jane Reeves

Wartina - Pete Marsden

Claudia - Holly Taylor

Mrs Pracket - Pella Tromans

Mrs Spud - Geraldine Sweeney

Doctor Doseum - Andrew White

Adora - Kate Barrington-Jones

Father - Charles Hallows

Mother - Andrea Goodliff

Girl 1 - May Sweetman

Girl 2 - Bathsheba Barrington-Jones

Chorus - Hannah Taylor, Hannah Goodliff, Annabelle Hardy-Stewart, Sunny Durrant, Joseph Reeves, Matt Candy, Jamie Candy, Lauren Sweeney, Jody Sweeney, Olivia Griffey, Rebecca Morris, Leah Hendrie, Chloe White

Director: Adrian Livsey

Musical Director: Mark Tromans

Choreographer: Jenni Rogerson

Orchestra: Keyboard - Mark Tromans

Bass Guitar - Ian Rendall

Drums - Chris Nagel

Stage Manager: Robin Russell

Stage Crew: Will Rogerson, Tony Saffer, Balthazar Barrington -Jones

Props: Jane Hallows

Wardrobe: Debbie Candy, Kate Barrington-Jones, Karen Reeve

Make-up: Emma Hallows

Prompt: Annie Craggs

Caller: Lynn Saffer

Lighting: Piers Keating

Sound: Adrian Livsey

Scenery: Colin Bell, Kate Bell

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