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17th - 18th May 2024


All By Myself & All By Themselves

Larry - Tim Griffey

Pemberton - Peter O' Callaghan

Ashworth - Pete Marsden

Daphne- Kate Bonson

Bracegirdle - Vyv Simson

Wembley - Phil Bonson

Captain Haddock And The Barnacle Boys

Fraser Davidson

Paul Hamlet

Geoff Gingell

John Longman

Brian Pravey

Etiquette by W S Gilbert

Ron Wood

Production Team:

Director - Polly Hardy-Stewart

Stage Manager - Robin Russell

Set/Props - Robin Russell, Bill Briody, Kate Bonson, Ron Wood

Lighting - Bill Briody

Sound - Tony Saffer

Prompt - Nicky Allis

Publicity - George Griffey, Adam Ebbage

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